Rab Renroc

Everyone knows their corner bar. It’s where everyone meets. At Rab Renroc things happen a bit strangely. Maybe it’s the intuitive barkeep who instinctively knows when a customer’s other-half is nearby and is known for shooting arrows when they least expect it. Maybe it’s the fact it’s frequented by the paranormal set. Maybe it’s the fact humans stumble into the bar never having seen it before and yet it’s there when they most need it. Or maybe it’s just the fact that Rab Renroc is Corner Bar spelled backward.

Whatever the reason, this corner bar has a 100% chance of finding their customer’s other half. Don’t blame them if your soul mate is a blood-thirsty vampire or flesh-eating zombie. It’s not their fault.

Rab Renroc: Where Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance meet Humor dead on.

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